Dress Code


In order to provide a positive educational experience for our students, we ask that members of the Glenwood School community wear clothing appropriate for the school and the learning environment.  The following will not be permitted at Glenwood Elementary School:

– clothing that is extreme, distracting or offensive to others
– low neck line tops
– bare backs or bare midriffs
– strapless or spaghetti strap tops
– clothing that reveals underwear
– muscle shirts
– shorts or skirts that are too short
– clothing or jewelry that makes any reference to drugs, alcohol or sex
– clothing or jewelry that is violent or discriminatory in nature
– clothing with inappropriate language or references
– clothing with messages of double meaning

Students should keep our Dress Code and common sense in mind when making decisions about what to wear to school.  Students who do not conform to the Dress Code will be asked to change, cover up or be provided with covering clothing.

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